Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Illumina was over, The whole PG07 present was having a ball, so was my whole team.....My emotions were neither satisfaction over the success, nor it was sadness that the event is over...I was numb. I did not know what to do. I ust walked back to my room and simply put my pen on paper....and this came out....

I Died Today
Happy,Dejected, excited,& every other emotion,
List them all, cant relate to any,
People called it a victory of ambition,
For me, was just on effort of many...

The day is just over, as simple as that,
Why am I so numb, keep looking at the gate?
Wasnt just my passion, it was alot more,
Cant describe it, feeling like a helpless whore...

What lies ahead for me, my world, and around,
A whole new life, or simply a new day,
Will anything ever heal this pain, this wound,
Or will I simply accept it, I died today...

Can also see passions rising, a new disease,
Someone new will soon wear the crown, the glory,
But on a day, he will perish, not in ease,
No books will emboss it, but somewhere buried you will find his story !!!
Dhimrock....28th October 2k7...Illumina over, what else in MDI interests me??? Let me find out....wondering what my new life at MDI will be like.....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dont know how many people will understand the purpose of this poem, but I hope just one does..... Enjoy the poem....
Making Me Happy...

A year gone by, worries keep me busy,
Searching the path, where life is easy,
But never thought, this would change, in a walk,
All I had to do was to be mum, and let her talk....

A beautiful lady, dewy grass, MDI in light,
A grey dress, folded hands,, fighting cold, in the night,
One of us took the first step out,
Did I ever wanna come back, I doubt...

Chattering, babbling, just whats on her mind,
Words coated with emotion, gestures with tang,
From dreams to cravings, topics she will find,
From misery to glory, engage me in a story...

Sometimes she can be cranky, sometimes just down,
But all you have to do is to talk to her,
Give her a push, a chance to take my case,
Honestly, its just worth the smile on her face...

Singing a song, humming a tune,
Along the path, walking,
Spending our days, just joking,
To sadness, making us immune...

The moments were full of her,
Her smile, her words, her jokes,
Keeping mum was never so worth,
Happiness like heaven, on my earth...

Just putting my thoughts on paper... for someone special.......
Dhimrock.....16th November 2007...

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Loving you……..Always…..

I love you, when you talk
Talk with a smile
I love you, when you are mum,
And the smile is nowhere to be seen
All I wanna do is get you on track,
And the smile again to be seen.

I love you, when you are bold,
Flawless, sharp, cutting like a knife
I love you when you are shy,
Shy and you are blushing red,
All I wanna do is hold myself
Either I will go crazy, or I’ll go Mad…

I love you when you are honest,
Crying, wanting just to be loved,
I love you, when you lie,
Acting bitching, just to be loved,
All is fair in war and love,
All I’ll try is make you feel loved.

I love you, when you are smart,
On the rocks, commanding, calling God unfair,
I love you when you act dumb,
So cute, so little, but still wanting to win,
I can see through you always,
All I wanna do is see you win…

I write and I always write,
But when I write for you,
I feel the writing,
Just like I feel you.

You is very few,
Your lips are the dance of joy,
When they curve to smile,
But the epitome of sorrow,
When they don’t
So always giggle, never give up the smile
And no matter what
I will always Love you.
What I love about you !!!

Your eyes
which first held me captivated
where I stood.
Your smile
to dazzle the sun
and warm every corner of my soul.
Your voice
like a sparkling mountain stream
which flows into my heart.
Your walk
and the way your gracefulness
takes my breath away.
Your hair
about which I dreamed
cascading into my face
as you leaned over me.
Your hands
whose caress I crave
to hold my face
in their tenderness.
Your arms
I long to have around my neck
as you pull me close
to your warmth.
Most of all
everything you are
changed the way I feel about my life.
I love you.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Slowly but surely.......as every day passes....the memories become more and more extinct ...but more and more embedded in our souls....From today...every month lets relive photographs one by one...



I went through all our old photographs
memories made over thirteen years
Pictures worth a million words

that bring my soul to pleasure.
I study each one carefully

replaying the memories in my mind
looking for clues of what the future would hold

and the heartache it would leave behind
Smiling friends, visiting new places

a boat trip, a bus, the park
How could we have known that summer day at the Lake

how quickly our bright lives would turn dark
Birthday smiles and early mornings

night in the train and a day at the beach
So carefree and not knowing how soon happiness would be out of our reach
Our passage through life captured on paper

If not for the photos would soon disappear
Fade out of our minds like the love in our hearts

bittersweetly remembered through the years.

Dhimrock...The IT was simply awesome.....Memories Die Hard

Friday, August 24, 2007

KILL ME.........

Kill me if you want,
If it makes your life better,
But you dare leave me alive,
With turth, your world I will shatter....
Kill me if you want,
If it makes you feel a hero,
But you dare leave me hanging,
Myths you love, I'll keep on banging....
Kill me if you want,
If it makes the world sweeter,
Look,look, I am still breathing,
Loser,I'm alone, where success is a fever....
I'm sure, you want me alive,
Why? Tell the world, dont be shy,
Because me, my ego moves the world,
Wrong I am everyone tells me,
But none,none tells me why !!!!

Dhimrock....8th August...in a Brand Manaegment class...wondering whom I work for...what my brand equity is.....when my brand life cycle will end....

Sunday, August 05, 2007


120 days away from Mumbai and I am still surprised to be alive....

Beginning right from my house, every Mumbai memory in some way is connected to food. Mum made soft dhoklas, the corner Vada Pav, Juhu's Omlet Pav, Sukh Sagar's Butter loaded Pav Bhaji, Gnnae ka ras, kandaa bhajee...its food all along....

For 24 years, I have lived an ordinary life, Today I live an 'extra ordinary' life just to miss the ordinary...Do I?? Hell yeah, I do !!!

In fact life has put me into a lane which is like a one way street. I am where everyone wants to be, but I want to be where everyone is !!

My sixth sense tells me, I will never be able to go back to Mumbai....It will soon be an illusion. Evn while I write this, I feel sick ikn my stomach...my gut ....

I have studied for 24 years for a new house, a big one, but today I miss my same old house...dont need a big one...just the same with my parents....
For 24 years I have worked hard to earn my own car..but will it be worth my 24 years...I think u knw the answer....

From my parents to Tendulkar.. to Vada Pav..to Heramb,Subu, ajay and frnds......to 8.33 ki local.....to St Francis..to wankhede...to queens necklace...to my dadi....to Pahal..........

You can take the man out of Mumbai.....but you cant take Mumbai out of the man....

Dhimrock....5th August.....
in Room Number 113..the palace..in front of my lappie....waiting for Illumina and Placements to get over......

Thursday, July 19, 2007

You, only you....
Its been tough, but its better now,
Both for you & me, I am sure its better now,
There is no point being so lonely here,
Specially you should know, atleast when I am here..
Let me hold your hand,
And you can close your eyes,
Lets have fun in the sun and sand,
Pleasure for our souls to suffice.
Let me kiss your forhead dear,
And whisper that you are beautiful
Everythings back to normal here,
Why should I not be near??
So if u give 'US' one more chance,
Baby, I will wand away all your pain,
Without no music, in the dark, we will dance,
Without any cloud, we will feel the rain....
Thats all I had to say,
Now its you who'll make my day,
By choosing whats good for you,
And saying what u have said to few !!!!!
Just for you Jelly..written in a hurry...Hope u like it..On my bed, Just feel like like talking to you.....more and more.....and a little more
Dhimrock......19th July 2007

Saturday, June 09, 2007

SUMMER INTERNSHIP.....Whts that???

Hi one and all................Just psoting to say that 2 months of gruelling summer internship is O V E R

I knw it hardly means anything to you all.....But how many of u have actually done ur summers in Manufacturing....

GOD Bless.....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hi guys,

Posting 2 new poems

The first poem is about one night I spent at Rishikesh far away from the city just watching the stars in the plain sky.Hope you like it.
The other one is about me, what I am and what I feel like everyday. Thats being me !!


If there ever was a time,

I wanted you along; o dear, it was tonight,

So that you could hear the silence, without a chime,

And see the darkness, without a spark and light.

My back on the sand, hands stretched out,

All I could see was sparkling gems,

One more majestic than the other,

I imagined shapes, one brilliant than the other.

There was no light and yet so much of sparkle and joy,

I had to agree, Ya heaven must be above, had to be,

I craved for the stars, just like a child for his toy,

But I ain’t getting them, coz everything has a place to be.

I wish you were here darling, to share my feeling,

I felt naked among the stars, never felt so strong and true,

Just the sight of the sky, was just so healing,

Confessing all my sins, forgetting all my pain, I just stayed kneeling…….


21st March…1.46 A.M. on my bed..about to fall asleep…thanking the person who inspired me to write this one….Thanks….

Trash Me

Floods can’t drown me,

Famines can’t starve me,

Coz I am hungry for me,

That’s how I decide to carve me!!

Some call me arrogant, maybe I am;

People grade my ego, but in me I find no shame,

Your ‘Self’ should roar like a lion, why try to tame?

I live, I survive, I rejoice, only because I am!!

Throw me in the dumps, and deeper still,

I will still look up and higher I’ll stare,

Man I will worship, no one I fear,

In search of my own God, to whom I have been so near!!

Throw me out and push me aside,

But whose going to ‘think’ me, my rules, I abide;

I’ll do what I want; you ask “Who is gonna let me?”

But all me hears and asks is “Who is gonna stop me?? “

Dhimrock…….14th March….In the MDI auditorium….Seeing a hundred faces…..but still just a single soul

Friday, February 23, 2007

Just a slightly old post but published today...

There is Hope and then, there is RG..........

Another exam gone and another session of rigorous insomnia is over.

The only good part about everything that happens during the exam time is that it gets over in 3-4 days.

Now Before I came here I never knew that the trimester exams would be further divided into a mid term exam and an end term exam. It hardly been 6 months and I have already given 4 exams !!!! And then there is the concept of RG, or relative grading as everyone calls it in MDI. RG as defined in MDI is when you try everything else to get more marks than the others by every mean other than studying. There are times when people let their roommates sleep although he should be waking up and rush for quizzes scheduled in a class. There are people who would secretly go and meet the professors, so that they would get the one extra mark when it comes to the final score or grade. And thousands of such things fall under the scope of the basket of RG.

Now I want to share something with you that I confused about. I want to know why this process of continuous evaluation? Maybe because they want to check our consistency or maybe as a thought that came to me, because they doubt the education system that is in place. If you really think that a good educating system is in place, why not just evaluate them twice in a year. Ok your argument is that one exam cannot show an individuals talent, but atleast two can. And after seeing the education system here, I do feel that they should have a continuous evaluation process, not only to evaluate the students progress but to evaluate the overall progress of their teaching staff and their academic system.

So long for RG……Cya

Dhimrock…On my way to Mumbai from Delhi 3 PM….Swaraj express…..listening to ‘Cold drink Cold drink’ being shouted by vendors inside the train.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hi guys writing a poem after a long long time...or should I say posting on the blog after a long long time. Have been writing a lot but did not feel like posting it.I dont know if people have been visiting my blog or not, but the comments suggests not. Anyways I will still keep on writing. I had promised my old friends I would keep updating my blog. Sorry to them.

Just some news from my side, a new publishing house has decided to publish my book of short stories in June 2008. So looking forward to it.

As for this poem, dedicated specially to those people who are stuck up in a place and wondering why they are there !! Written in about 4 minutes. Hope you like it...

I think...too....

I sit here by my Laptop, thinking alone,
All my friends are going, some are long gone,
What am I doing here, no one here is mine,
I can hardly gulp my food, all alone I dine...

I am not sad, but neither am I happy;
Its only a life these days, nothing more than that,
I know life has given me a lot,
But it has put me in a race, and I just that rat.

For some I am a winner,
And for others, just a loser,
But like it has been for years, the joke is still the same,
I still know not what I am.

In search for myself I end my burst of thought,
And like every attempt, I have made to think,
I score nothing more than a naught;
The feeling comes back, Oh God! My life is about to sink...

Dhimrock..20th February 2007..In MDI's computer centre, he wonders why he is there !!!