Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Hope you know...

Capturing every moment of truth and joy, capturing every moment spent together, capturing what life is all about......

There was a time when I saw your smile,

Saw the joy, the happiness beneath that smile,

Time flies so fast, the moment no longer remains,

But that little curve of yours, perennially remains….

There was a time, when I saw you struggle,

Every barrier was broken, every battle was fought,

Behind that cute little girl, lies the brave daunting shadow,

Crushing all the problems, bringing them to naught…

I’ve even seen you shed that tear,

No, No, it was neither weakness nor fear,

It was just love for the ones that matter,

You’ve set your goals, and you just want to be better….

Rashi, It’s all inside you,

Be there, the way you are,

You’ll reach there, & you’ll never go wrong,

I can see it, your life’s going to be a song…..

So many credos, one single person,

So many emotions, that you show,

To me and the world you make a difference,

Sweetheart, I just hope that you know…..

Dhimrock…..10th Feb 2008…..

Leaving, but not without telling you what you should know……..