Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Illumina was over, The whole PG07 present was having a ball, so was my whole team.....My emotions were neither satisfaction over the success, nor it was sadness that the event is over...I was numb. I did not know what to do. I ust walked back to my room and simply put my pen on paper....and this came out....

I Died Today
Happy,Dejected, excited,& every other emotion,
List them all, cant relate to any,
People called it a victory of ambition,
For me, was just on effort of many...

The day is just over, as simple as that,
Why am I so numb, keep looking at the gate?
Wasnt just my passion, it was alot more,
Cant describe it, feeling like a helpless whore...

What lies ahead for me, my world, and around,
A whole new life, or simply a new day,
Will anything ever heal this pain, this wound,
Or will I simply accept it, I died today...

Can also see passions rising, a new disease,
Someone new will soon wear the crown, the glory,
But on a day, he will perish, not in ease,
No books will emboss it, but somewhere buried you will find his story !!!
Dhimrock....28th October 2k7...Illumina over, what else in MDI interests me??? Let me find out....wondering what my new life at MDI will be like.....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dont know how many people will understand the purpose of this poem, but I hope just one does..... Enjoy the poem....
Making Me Happy...

A year gone by, worries keep me busy,
Searching the path, where life is easy,
But never thought, this would change, in a walk,
All I had to do was to be mum, and let her talk....

A beautiful lady, dewy grass, MDI in light,
A grey dress, folded hands,, fighting cold, in the night,
One of us took the first step out,
Did I ever wanna come back, I doubt...

Chattering, babbling, just whats on her mind,
Words coated with emotion, gestures with tang,
From dreams to cravings, topics she will find,
From misery to glory, engage me in a story...

Sometimes she can be cranky, sometimes just down,
But all you have to do is to talk to her,
Give her a push, a chance to take my case,
Honestly, its just worth the smile on her face...

Singing a song, humming a tune,
Along the path, walking,
Spending our days, just joking,
To sadness, making us immune...

The moments were full of her,
Her smile, her words, her jokes,
Keeping mum was never so worth,
Happiness like heaven, on my earth...

Just putting my thoughts on paper... for someone special.......
Dhimrock.....16th November 2007...