Thursday, July 19, 2007

You, only you....
Its been tough, but its better now,
Both for you & me, I am sure its better now,
There is no point being so lonely here,
Specially you should know, atleast when I am here..
Let me hold your hand,
And you can close your eyes,
Lets have fun in the sun and sand,
Pleasure for our souls to suffice.
Let me kiss your forhead dear,
And whisper that you are beautiful
Everythings back to normal here,
Why should I not be near??
So if u give 'US' one more chance,
Baby, I will wand away all your pain,
Without no music, in the dark, we will dance,
Without any cloud, we will feel the rain....
Thats all I had to say,
Now its you who'll make my day,
By choosing whats good for you,
And saying what u have said to few !!!!!
Just for you Jelly..written in a hurry...Hope u like it..On my bed, Just feel like like talking to you.....more and more.....and a little more
Dhimrock......19th July 2007