Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I write this poem just for one purpose. Because I have never be able to thank them enough and I never will be able to...For my raisers, my soul, my reason of existence......

Dhimant N.

My Raisers

The first tear that I dropped,
Was the symbol of eternal maternal love,
My first hair the barber cropped,
Was the discipline, she put into me.

The first book that I read,
Was the flow of paternal skills,
He may not have taught me to breathe,
But he surely taught me to clean my teeth.

These things sound so little,
And you already judged them trivial,
Not our fault, these are easy to belittle,
Thats why I write today, to thank the trivial.

Health, wealth and soul, Oh Gods, I owe to you,
My parents, my treasure, I bow to you,
I am indebted to you,me, my soul,
I promise to give you my heart,my body,as a whole !

Some day I may leave my debt half way,
That will be when I leave no longer, on that day,
Thats why I write today,what I want to say,
I will want you again, whatever price I have to pay......

Dhimrock---In my room..Missing an older life.....23 August 2006


I am in the race of life,

Like a rat, every hour I dig,

Hours I spend on the edge of a knife,

However, in the mirror, I find just a pig.

I was born to achieve absolute glory,

But a game called life changed my story,

Everyday, what others do, I just follow;

Feelings are intense, but I remain so hollow.

My question, Why am I here?

Just because, so did my peer?

But now my ego cries, in search of itself,

My eyes are hazy, and nothing is clear.

I have always taken; today I decide to give,

Call me selfish, but I give only to me,

Because further, without shame, I want to live;

So that the mirror, shows no pig, but shows only thee.

Dhimrock----22 August...sitting in the class wondering....