Thursday, June 26, 2008


This is not a post. Neither is this any form of poetry. This is what I call an outburst. There is so much I have been wanting to write. I have a couple of short stories all ready with ideas.There are tons of topics on which I have been waiting to write articles on. And there is the stupid novel which is almost done and over with. But all that flows in this blog is a stupid outburst. Go on. Read it !!


Nothing Inspires me to write these days;Nothing.
Ideas knock my head and words bang my ears.
They try hard, and they vanish;
But my fingers refuse the pen.

There is so much I have,
To make you smile, and to make you cry,
But I refuse to make a rhyme, not even a mark,
Wont do anything, for which I have to try.

Am thinking of words, when I am with people,
Am thinking of people, when I am with words,
A world of verbatim, and a body of feelings,
That is what I am, the irony of myself.

So, do i know, where I am going?
Or do I know, what I want?
And little did I know, the day was coming,
When nothing inspires me to write, Nothing

26th June...2k8...Dhimrock........Am looking for plain vanilla Inspiration...

P.S : Alternate last line of the outburst was:

And little did I know, the day was coming,
Even people would fail me, not only words.....

There are 2 lines I love the most. Dinner on me, if you guess them.