Monday, September 04, 2006

WWW (Who wins why?)

I live to survive. I survive to live. But what if I say, Life is survival. The first two sentences then become redundant. There are four kinds of people I have met in my life, the hard workers, the smart workers, the combination workers and the leeches.

Hard workers are those who want to work hard because that is what relaxes them, that is what satisfies them, that is what gives them a sense of achievement. But somehow these kind of people are mostly those who taste a lot of failures. Why I do not know? I am smart enough to forge out a reason for this and it may be true for my own self, but it may not be universal. So lets us say I do not know for now. I must not forget that there have been certain successful people belonging to this category but that is because they have shifted their category half way.

The other category is those of winners. Those who work smart have won almost every time except for some rare events when there was something drastically wrong.

The third category is which I like the most because this is where I belong, the category of ordinaries. Firstly these people are in an ephemeral dilemma about whether they should work hard or smart. Their ability says WORK HARD….but their heart says WORK SMART….These people also get easily influenced by others. These people find idols in life. They find one, follow them and they are always looking for change, even in their idols. This is what I call the people trap. I say 70% of the people belong to this category.

These people love to succeed and they do but occasionally. Actually some of these people succeed a lot, other very little. This is because ordinary people depend a lot on luck.

Statisticians go ahead, prove me wrong because I have no respect for statistics. I will tell you why.

A famous statistic says 80% of the accidents happen on the foot path. My conclusion, walk on the middle of the road….. What do you say about this?

Statistics often give wrong results. Anyways why are we talking about statistics? Let us move on to the fourth category, the category I call the PITY category.

These people may be compared to the character of Peter Keating of ‘The Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand. For those who have not read it, these people are those who will survive on others ideas, others actions and others initiatives. Surprisingly these people taste success a little more than the ordinary category or the combination worker. But these people lose all self respect. And respect from all.

So now I will end up with a statement which Smart workers practice with their motivation, the hard workers believe they cannot practice, the ordinary people pretend to practice, and the PITY workers practice without their own interest.

Losers will be losers until they decide to win.