Friday, February 23, 2007

Just a slightly old post but published today...

There is Hope and then, there is RG..........

Another exam gone and another session of rigorous insomnia is over.

The only good part about everything that happens during the exam time is that it gets over in 3-4 days.

Now Before I came here I never knew that the trimester exams would be further divided into a mid term exam and an end term exam. It hardly been 6 months and I have already given 4 exams !!!! And then there is the concept of RG, or relative grading as everyone calls it in MDI. RG as defined in MDI is when you try everything else to get more marks than the others by every mean other than studying. There are times when people let their roommates sleep although he should be waking up and rush for quizzes scheduled in a class. There are people who would secretly go and meet the professors, so that they would get the one extra mark when it comes to the final score or grade. And thousands of such things fall under the scope of the basket of RG.

Now I want to share something with you that I confused about. I want to know why this process of continuous evaluation? Maybe because they want to check our consistency or maybe as a thought that came to me, because they doubt the education system that is in place. If you really think that a good educating system is in place, why not just evaluate them twice in a year. Ok your argument is that one exam cannot show an individuals talent, but atleast two can. And after seeing the education system here, I do feel that they should have a continuous evaluation process, not only to evaluate the students progress but to evaluate the overall progress of their teaching staff and their academic system.

So long for RG……Cya

Dhimrock…On my way to Mumbai from Delhi 3 PM….Swaraj express…..listening to ‘Cold drink Cold drink’ being shouted by vendors inside the train.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hi guys writing a poem after a long long time...or should I say posting on the blog after a long long time. Have been writing a lot but did not feel like posting it.I dont know if people have been visiting my blog or not, but the comments suggests not. Anyways I will still keep on writing. I had promised my old friends I would keep updating my blog. Sorry to them.

Just some news from my side, a new publishing house has decided to publish my book of short stories in June 2008. So looking forward to it.

As for this poem, dedicated specially to those people who are stuck up in a place and wondering why they are there !! Written in about 4 minutes. Hope you like it...

I think...too....

I sit here by my Laptop, thinking alone,
All my friends are going, some are long gone,
What am I doing here, no one here is mine,
I can hardly gulp my food, all alone I dine...

I am not sad, but neither am I happy;
Its only a life these days, nothing more than that,
I know life has given me a lot,
But it has put me in a race, and I just that rat.

For some I am a winner,
And for others, just a loser,
But like it has been for years, the joke is still the same,
I still know not what I am.

In search for myself I end my burst of thought,
And like every attempt, I have made to think,
I score nothing more than a naught;
The feeling comes back, Oh God! My life is about to sink...

Dhimrock..20th February 2007..In MDI's computer centre, he wonders why he is there !!!