Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hi guys,

Posting 2 new poems

The first poem is about one night I spent at Rishikesh far away from the city just watching the stars in the plain sky.Hope you like it.
The other one is about me, what I am and what I feel like everyday. Thats being me !!


If there ever was a time,

I wanted you along; o dear, it was tonight,

So that you could hear the silence, without a chime,

And see the darkness, without a spark and light.

My back on the sand, hands stretched out,

All I could see was sparkling gems,

One more majestic than the other,

I imagined shapes, one brilliant than the other.

There was no light and yet so much of sparkle and joy,

I had to agree, Ya heaven must be above, had to be,

I craved for the stars, just like a child for his toy,

But I ain’t getting them, coz everything has a place to be.

I wish you were here darling, to share my feeling,

I felt naked among the stars, never felt so strong and true,

Just the sight of the sky, was just so healing,

Confessing all my sins, forgetting all my pain, I just stayed kneeling…….


21st March…1.46 A.M. on my bed..about to fall asleep…thanking the person who inspired me to write this one….Thanks….

Trash Me

Floods can’t drown me,

Famines can’t starve me,

Coz I am hungry for me,

That’s how I decide to carve me!!

Some call me arrogant, maybe I am;

People grade my ego, but in me I find no shame,

Your ‘Self’ should roar like a lion, why try to tame?

I live, I survive, I rejoice, only because I am!!

Throw me in the dumps, and deeper still,

I will still look up and higher I’ll stare,

Man I will worship, no one I fear,

In search of my own God, to whom I have been so near!!

Throw me out and push me aside,

But whose going to ‘think’ me, my rules, I abide;

I’ll do what I want; you ask “Who is gonna let me?”

But all me hears and asks is “Who is gonna stop me?? “

Dhimrock…….14th March….In the MDI auditorium….Seeing a hundred faces…..but still just a single soul