Friday, July 18, 2008


I hope this post does not come as a surprise to anyone who is reading it…. I will keep it short and simple….

Everything ends, especially at the end. Four years gone by. After a belief of 22 years, that I could write, and with people I don’t even remember today who helped me believe it, I blogged for the first time just because they believed

During these four years, my life has seems numerous ups and numerous downs, more downs than ups, just a proof of how human I am. Things have changed so much. There is hardly anything that has stayed with me all these four years. Companies changed, colleges changed, vehicles I drive changed, clothes that I wear, people I meet everyday changed, my beliefs changed, everything….

And Above all I also lost so many important people in my life, one by one, pulled out painfully from my life; a feeling pretty much like applying antiseptic to a wound. I can’t afford to lose one more person in my life, none. And it’s a promise that I have made to myself, but I know I am very close to bidding goodbye no matter what fancy trick I try or valiant efforts I make. The unparalleled pain not only sucks out energy from my body but also makes me a thinker, a philosopher out of me. And this is one of the prime reasons I think of my blog as my life line, as it is about the only thing that has stayed for me throughout. So today when I am saying I am closing down this blog, it is more like killing someone who has loyally been by my side through out. Then why kill it???? Why choose to be a orphan, a loner??

There are many reasons, many ifs and many buts, but the bottom line is…… Its time to bid goodbye….Goodbye……

Like the famous song says……….. “Everything I love, goes away in the end…… “

Dhimrock……17/07/08…Never felt so proud before… and Never felt so lone before…
A philosopher….a writer…a blogger…a killer….an entertainer….and Incredibly Moronic !!!!!

Writing is my passion and I will stay by it…….


ManDevIan said...

Illuminati bhaai ...

Plzz blog mat band kar yaar.... keep it going!!

I might be being presumptuous over here but dost I don't think closing the blog is part of solution to whatever problems you are facing.

Please Please rethink!!

Love n Luc

PS: And haan never told u this but u write well .. I have been following your blog for a longg time now.

nupur said...

There are some things we have no control on... leave them to fate. But dont spoil what you have and can control.
Your blog is 'you' to the world Dhimant. Every poem and every story has a character to it and an inspiration behind it. N you get that inspiration again when you re-read it sometime later.
It also tells you how you have grown as a person. But we never grow enough to stop sharing. So if you 'trust' me and 'believe' what I say, dont close your blog.

Anonymous said...

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